Leek Scapes


Leek scape is the flower stalk of leeks which usually come up during Spring.  It has a subtler leek or onion flavor.  Even though it is not popular in grocery stores, it is a very versatile vegetable.

We have been getting a lot of them from our leeks in recent weeks.  We have used them in stir-frys, soups, and fresh in salad.  Here is our latest experiment with leek, creamy leek pasta sauce.


Chop up the leek scapes. The younger they are the more tender.


Quickly cook them with oil and butter. We add some chicken in there for extra yummy. Toss in cream at the end. Season to taste. We usually cook with what we have and what we happen to have some tomato basil spaghetti to toss this on top.  Oh, and we shred some cheese and slide some fresh radishes as final touches. Yum!

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